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(at) home

I'm already at home.

Are you home yet?

She stayed at home with the kids.

We usually stay at home on Friday.

Чувствуйте себя как дома.

Make yourself at home.

There's no place like home.


at somebody's house

We were at his house.

Let's get together at our house.

She stayed at her grandmother's house.

He was at a friend's house.

Real-life examples for дома

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«Авангард» в своем матче дома обыграл «Северсталь» (4:3), благодаря чему трехматчевая серия поражений «ястребов» была прервана.

Avangard beat Severstal at home in their match (4:3), thanks to which the three-match losing streak of the Hawks was interrupted.

А Александра Трусова и вовсе получила в подарок от болельщиков 101 собаку, но все они плюшевые, реальных зверей у Саши дома тоже немало.

And Alexandra Trusova even received 101 dogs as a gift from fans, but they are all plush, there are also a lot of real animals at Sasha's house.


  • Дома means ‘at home’ and ‘at somebody's house’.
  • The word дома is usually transliterated in English as ‘doma’.
  • Дома has 4 letters.