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verb [imperfective]


Description of ходить

The verb ходить usually implies going on foot. It is commonly used to say that someone goes to a place habitually. In the past tense, ходить is also commonly used to say that someone went to a place once and is already back.



I go to school.

He goes to the gym every day.

We often go to the cinema.

Yesterday I went to the doctor.

Last weekend we went to a cafe.

She used to go to the gym.

I go to work on foot.



The baby can't walk yet.

Мне больно ходить.

It hurts to walk.

She couldn't walk.

I don't like walking around the house in bare feet.



(of public transport)

Buses to Moscow run every half hour.

Trams don't run at night.

Present Tense

Он / Она / Оноходит

Future Tense

Ябуду ходить
Тыбудешь ходить
Он / Она / Онобудет ходить
Мыбудем ходить
Выбудете ходить
Онибудут ходить

Past Tense


Real-life examples for ходить

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«Ох, я никогда не чувствовал ветер в этом месте», — отметил, ощупывая виски: много лет Джейсон ходил с длинными волосами, и именно таким запомнился миллионам зрителей.

"Oh, I've never felt the wind in this place," he noted, feeling his temples: for many years Jason went around with long hair, and that's how he was remembered by millions of viewers.

В годы Великой Отечественной войны Пришвин ходил по окрестным деревням, снимал детей и женщин для посылки фотографий на фронт мужьям и отцам.

During the Great Patriotic War, Prishvin walked around the surrounding villages, took pictures of children and women to send the photos to their husbands and fathers at the front.


В первый день Пасхи молодежь ходила по селу с песнями и поздравляла хозяев.

On the first day of Easter, young people walked around the village singing and congratulating the hosts.


А среди местных жителей ходили легенды о подземных ходах, некогда прорытых от текие куда-то за город.

And among the locals there were legends going around about underground passages, once dug from the tekie somewhere outside the city.


  • Ходить is an imperfective Russian verb which means ‘go’, ‘walk’ and ‘run’.
  • As ходить is an imperfective verb, it can be used in the present, past and future tenses.
  • The word ходить is usually transliterated in English as ‘khodit'’.
  • Ходить has 6 letters.