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He's very smart.

We are very glad to see you.

It's very far from here.

It's very cold outside.



That's a really good idea.

It's really hard to find a good job.

Мне очень жаль.

I'm really sorry.


very much

I didn't like the movie very much.

She was very much loved by everyone.

I liked the dinner very much.

Он был очень востребован как певец.

He was very much in demand as a singer.

Real-life examples for очень

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"Госсекретарь очень благодарна, что он (Уильям Бернс) согласился на это назначение", сообщил представитель госдепартамента.

"The Secretary of State is very grateful that he (William Burns) has agreed to this appointment," a State Department spokesman said.

RIA Novosti

"Она очень переживала по этому поводу", — рассказала Марина Маркелова РИА Новости.

"She was very worried about this," Marina Markelova told RIA Novosti.

RIA Novosti

"Все очень просто: за музыку к кино платят, а за музыку для души — нет", — объяснял композитор.

"It's very simple: they pay for movie music, but they don't pay for soul music," the composer explained.

RIA Novosti

"В целом, я бы хотел сказать, что законодательная база создана очень прочная", — заявил Зорькин на встрече с Нарышкиным в Госдуме.

"In general, I would like to say that the legislative framework has been created very solid," Zorkin said at a meeting with Naryshkin in the State Duma.

RIA Novosti


  • Очень is a Russian adverb which means ‘very’, ‘really’ and ‘very much’.
  • The word очень is usually transliterated in English as ‘ochen'’.
  • Очень has 5 letters.